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Promotional video: Girlguiding volunteer shops

Music video: Inchworm, Umbrella

Combining 300 hand-drawn frames with real life stop frame animation, this music video explores the interactions of paper-bound animated characters with their surroundings.

Promotional video: Girlguiding’s 2015 Strategic Plan

I produced the animated sections of this video to promote Girlguiding’s 2015 Strategic Plan launch.

Festive message: Girlguiding animation

Music video: Girlinky, Newspaper round

Told in four separate but intertwined sections, this music video was developed in collaboration with 2 other animators. I was responsible for the ‘supermarket’ and ‘vacuuming’ sections.

Music video: Computerman, No more broken hearts

Developed in collaboration with Chris at futronica.com

E-learning animation: Facilitation

E-learning animation: Planning

E-learning animation: Teamwork

E-learning animation: Communication

Impact Report: Girlguiding’s animated Annual Report