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Pony Tales: A 3D adventure game

Given a simple brief to make a horse-jumping game for Girlguiding’s Brownie website, I developed the premise and designed the characters for this 3D adventure. I designed background textures, 2D animated rotating characters, created the sound effects and coded the game – basically everything you can see or hear.
Pony Tales game

Ecoville: A town-planning sim

Aimed at promoting awareness of energy use and ecological issues, I developed the premise of this city-sim game. Coding involved developing a custom ‘A star’ path-finding routine to direct traffic and pedestrians.
Ecoville game

Octa-gone: A puzzle-solving platformer

Aimed at Girlguiding’s older members, development of this platform game included character and sound design, collision detection and realistic physics.
Octa-gone game

Aquanauts: A 3D water safety aquarium

I took the premise of a simple water-safety quiz and developed it into this fish-collecting interactive aquarium. The game leverages Flash’s Stage3D classes for ultra-fast GPU 3D rendering. Development included designing various fish and whale models in 3DS Max and surface texture design in Photoshop. Character animation was achieved by coding pixel-shaders that interpolate between the vertex positions of two models for each character.
Aquanauts game

Dream Room Decorator: Decorating to a budget

Developed as part of Girlguiding’s ‘Brownie Programme’ this simple decorating game is the most popular game on the Brownies site.
Decorator game

Dark Matters: A 3D space exploration demo for desktop

Development of this Flash demo has included texture and 3D model design (in Photoshop and 3DS Max), pixel-shader coding, sound design and development in ActionScript3. It is a work in progress and currently takes a little while to load, but I think the wait is worth it. So far you can travel from planet to planet, destroy enemy ships and send communications. You can even dock with space stations and accept missions. I’m planning to move development to Unity 3D at some point soon.

Dark Matters: Flash Stage3D Game